Coalescing the Three C’s

I’ve been asked why I have a blog page when I write so rarely. It’s a good question. First and foremost I’m busy, secondly I’m not a very confident writer, and thirdly, I write to be able to clarify my own thoughts, nothing more.

So why publish personal thoughts? Usually, I only publish thoughts that have arisen from discussions with others who are interested in my take on conditions in this turbulent and complex period of human history. It aids further debate.

I’ve spent the past four months supporting the building of a time-limited coalition to protest at the policies of the G7 group of Capitalist countries. President Biden and other “elected representatives” met in Carbis Bay, Cornwall last week, close to where I live. What else could I do but organise?

The G7, plus invited guest Prime Ministers, we’re continuing the imperialist “Great Reset” carve-up of markets and natural resources on a global scale. The Greenwash “NET” messages for continuing to seek profit from climate catastrophe were highly advertised.

Less publicised was the extension of the Western imperialist alliance against China and Russia, with the launch of the US/UK fleet headed by the new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier towards the South China Seas. Then, the further of lowering standards of Corporate accountability with a perverse dictat for taxation that will actually cut State income from the profits of exploitation. And behind closed doors, the limiting of Aid, including COVID-vaccines, to the Global South, ensuring continuing death and social dislocation directly against the scientific evidence from the World Health Organisation.

I can only rage against these smiling political figureheads as anti-human scum.

We did what we could. Amidst the sudden and infected invasion by 6,500 additional police and military, armed and extremely dangerous into the holiday resorts of sunny Cornwall, we marched upon gated media centres and sought to get as close to the militarised conference centre as possible.

The question of why elected politicians had to have £70 million of security to protect their three-day jamboree hung in the air. Cornwall has seen a four-fold increase in family poverty over the past 15 months, food banks being extended from the local churches to schools, struggling to meet the ever-growing demand in this, one of the poorest regions of Europe.

How can anyone be anything other than incandescent with rage against both the organisation of the G7 and their decisions. This is the elite acting on behalf of the elite, leading humanity into deeper barbarism and all-but inevitable climate collapse.

Talking with justice-seeking representatives from Tigray, Kashmir and Palestine I acquainted myself emotionally with the personal horrors of orchestrated genocide, sponsored communal violence and proxy wars all perpetrated by the continued imperialist quest for power over land and markets at the expense of humanity and Nature.

We are already living in a condition of barbarism, deepening and accelerating.

On our side, the protests were way too small, hampered by the three-C’s of COVID-restrictions and realistic fears, Cornwall’s comparative inaccessibility, and the post-Corbyn pessimism and pacification of trade unions and the Left across the UK and Europe. But at least we were there.

Against all the odds, we built and held together the most improbable Coalition of anarchists, autonomists (nope, they’re not the same), Trotskyists, Corbynistas (yes, they’re still around), Liberals and Stalinists. Bottom-up and Top-down socialists, reformers and State-smashers, individualists and communalists. As a political project it was unique, even if extremely small and vulnerable.

You see, the future of humanity depends upon grassroots activism drawing together sufficient numbers of social activists into the size of critical mass commensurate to the sheer scale of the challenge facing us. Ecological collapse, global heating, climate change, economic crisis, Pandemic and forced mass migration are not predictions f one possible future, they are all with us.

Fighting for a future for humanity has never been more urgent or all-encompassing. We have to find a way of acknowledging each other’s political points of difference, making spaces for disagreement and at times fierce argument about the specificities, yet essentially linking arms in direct action against common enemy – the global Capitalist class.

To be honest, our “Resist G7 Coalition” held together by purposefully not discussing politics, just organising for protest actions. And that led to a lack of cogency, a failure to clearly elucidate our purpose and focus, and continuous underlying distrust that failed to inspire and garner wider forces. But we did produce and broadcast some level of protest that otherwise would not have happened.

It was a brave experiment, and all those who participated proved their bravery. Hopefully we can learn the lessons and do it better next time. But there is one element that remains under-and-ill-considered. The “environmental movement” separated themselves out and largely acted from inside their specific organisations, linking together not at all. This is a terrible mistake.

Whether it was the climate activists from CAFOD or the Extinction Rebellion artists, their protests were purposefully small, singular and symbolic. They showed no desire to raise the organised opposition towards the size of critical mass required for real change, or to link issues other than “environmental” together. Far from it.

This is no use at all. The climate crisis encompasses all issues. Or, from the other perspective, all issues include the need to address global heating emissions. Future planning of the global economy will determine global heating emissions. The international response to COVID exposes the fault lines of the international cooperation needed to prevent climate chaos. The continued and accelerating militarisation of borders and nation states discloses the primary impact of the industrial/military complex upon environmental destruction.

Extinction Rebellion has to extend itself as an anti-imperialist movement for Peace, a force against racism and oppression. The Christians in CAFOD and other activist church groups have to challenge Capitalism as a perverse anti-human system. The Greens and Corbynistas have to recognise the falsehood, fraud and powerlessness of our system of parliamentary democracy, dwarfed and made impotent by corporate power and political corruption.

And, ultimately and most crucially, the organised working class, through trade unionism and beyond, have to unite with this Movement of Movements and take power at the point of production.

There is only one solution, System Change. And that is, surely, what we can all coalesce around, debating and formulating the replacement along the way. At a global scale, it will take the united, organised action of hundreds of millions of human beings to produce the united force capable of stopping climate catastrophe.

And so I write this for my friend and neighbour who suggested it was a good thing that the G7 meets and brings together different nations in common cause. Wrong. The cause is their own aggrandisement and avarice. The solution is their overthrow, disbandment, and the construction in short-time of a new system based upon need not profit. For the many not the few. For the Ecology, not profit from plunder. And most of all, for the survival of humanity. Revolution!

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