The Human response to Climate Collapse

and what needs to be done…

Everyday Crisis

The COP26, with it’s 515 carbon fuel lobbyists and government lackeys, has published its first draft agreement. It is wet and watered down, weakening commitments to funding first made in 2015. We all knew the COP26 wouldn’t make the grade, but this level of failure is truly shocking. COP is dead. And as a result, […]

You’d Better Think

“You’d better think, (think, think) let you’re mind go, let yourself be free”, to paraphrase Aretha Franklin. A very few of us handed-out over 1,000 leaflets yesterday, and another thousand the day before that. We were advertising the climate conference COP26 protests next weekend, Here, in Glasgow and Everywhere. We have thousands more yet to […]

Climate of Fatigue

For those who believe in Capitalism, “the poor will always be with us”. For socialists, collective society organised for need not profit can eradicate poverty within a single generation. Globally. Even the World Bank makes clear, the wealth is there: if global annual Net Domestic Product was shared equally, every child, woman, and man would […]

Protest the COP26

The COP26 represents the latest in a 25-year failure in the official approach to dealing with Climate Change. We are now in the midst of accelerating and self-promoting climate catastrophe. Today you can look around the world and signal dozens of disasters that shouldn’t have happened. Extreme weather events, floods, fires and failed harvests leading […]

Coalescing the Three C’s

I’ve been asked why I have a blog page when I write so rarely. It’s a good question. First and foremost I’m busy, secondly I’m not a very confident writer, and thirdly, I write to be able to clarify my own thoughts, nothing more. So why publish personal thoughts? Usually, I only publish thoughts that […]

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