Cannot Hold

Through the final reign

The dividing line:


Amid contiguous storms,

Arid conflicts,

The drought of expectations.

The Centre cannot hold,

Gutters flooded,

Rotted beams,

Shattered ceilings, 

Stachybotrys chartarum.

Equilibrium tenses

Breathing deep

Fern-shaped patterning

Denying deep-lung

And, oh, the fatigue!

Paisley fractals

Betray chaos

As a future

Ne’re to emerge

And already here.

Through endless rain

The obvious sign:


Imposed inhuman norms,

War contradicts

Individualised emancipation.

The Centre cannot hold,

Children blooded

Toxic dreams

Frosted feelings

Phosphoric Idiom.

Sea Level rises

C Dioxide seep

Surf-caped drowning

Border cities rung-

Out, oh, the intrigue!

Torn-up track tales

Portray chaos

As a suture

Between our urge

And flying fear.

This is new terrain

The sharp incline:


As Nature transforms

Ice pole predicts 

The death of civilisation –

The Centre cannot hold!

Ideology muddied:

Despotic regime-

Forcing mos maiorum


Dictatorship creep.

Yet revolt is happening

Powered by the Young

Marching, oh, in league,

Dodging projectiles,

A survival ethos

For a future,

Profit in purge,

Collectively clear.

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