We shall be Heard!

Whilst the British Government has made a single concession to the global advice by banning mass events, the political response of Johnson & Co to the Covid-19 pandemic stands isolated and singular amongst all nations. Yes, even Trump’s USA is doing more to combat mass infection than Britain, with universal access to screening being just one of a package of safeguards for the population.

Trump has declared a national emergency and identified £50 million in aid. Johnson, a eugenicist, is the mouthpiece for a completely unscientific and ideologically toxic axiom. His advisers, including Dominic Cummings, a eugenicist, are spouting “behavioural psychology” to portray a strategy for “herd immunity”. They are letting us continue with “business as usual” from the prediction that once most of us have contracted Covid-19 we will, as a nation, develop resistance and immunity to the virus.

This has no scientific basis. “Herd Immunity” in science is a process where, once at least half the population are vaccinated against a virus there are no longer enough people carrying it to spread it far and wide. Crucially, we have to have a vaccine and at least 50% of the population need to have been vaccinated before “herd immunity” begins to work. Point One: there is no vaccine.

The UK, with no news pictures of public streets and areas being sprayed with anti-viral cleansers or deep-clean teams in protective suits cleaning public transport and handrails, is letting the virus run rampant. Film from around the world, including the USA, shows huge effort to cleanse public places. But not in the UK. Even Trump is considering banning all travel form the UK to America. Point Two: Allowing the virus to spread will ensure half-a-million or more deaths.

And then, in defence of “Keep Calm and Carry On”, the BBC finds a psychiatrist whose wife is currently suffering, at home, from testing positive to Covid-19, who complains on prime-time morning Radio that he was asked to phone-in from home rather than come in to the studio for interview. He said his wife is staying 4-metres away from him in their house and therefore he’s perfectly safe from infection! Point Three: just because you’re a qualified professional doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about.

And then we’re back to the start. The eugenicists who dream of a super-race and find the elderly, infirm and disabled a brake on human progress, are in charge of our health and safety. This, combined with a Malthusian starting point of belief that there are just too many damned people in the world, is producing an extreme and unique social policy of leaving the virus to ravage the country.

The fact they promote the concept of “the herd” to refer to human society when it is primarily used in relation to animal husbandry displays their inner contempt for and perception of we, the common people. This false science of “behaviouralism” offers succour to the elitist supremacists that there is herd-mentality in general society that can be manipulated and controlled.

Add to this their deep commitment to the neoliberal free market, wholly disproven as an economic policy that serves or protects the majority of society, and they conclude that every catastrophe offers an opportunity for someone – there’s money to be made out of death and societal discord. Let some business go to the wall, let the fittest survive, the pharmaceutical companies and producers of hand-gel can make a killing…

Johnson is being challenged. The World Health Organisation has challenged the “herd immunity” policy. Dr Margaret Harris from WHO has publicly pronounced that it is based on absolutely no evidence. In fact, the so-called behavioural science from which the theory is derived only offers observations of human behaviours and is completely divorced from the real sciences of biology and medicine. It is pseudo, spurious, a sham.

Isn’t it beyond fearful that a government has the power to create policy that will produce catastrophe? Shouldn’t we be seriously challenging such corrupt duping of an entire population, not least when it will result in many lives being prematurely and needlessly ended? Here’s the rub. There is a sizeable proportion of the population who want to believe this nonsense because they have already swallowed the anti-vaccine zeitgeist.

Recent decades have displayed a growing and very obvious distrust of government and corporations leading to a flat-earth world-view incorporation of all manner of conspiracy theories, not least that vaccinations are used by the hidden and deep State to enforce social control. In an astounding convergence of double-think, these same right-wing, ultra-individualist survivalists are consuming Johnson’s pseudo-science and praising his anti-authoritarian approach to the world pandemic.

The Coronavirus has infected the ideological body politic with a new disease. The “fuck-it”, “I’m Alright Jack” mentality is spreading like wildfire across Britain as exquisitely distinct from possibly every other country in the world. It is down to us, the people who care for each other, who value scientific fact as opposed to ideologically concocted falsehoods, who see through the self-interest of political careerists, to challenge the lies. We must be heard.

Italy has suspended mortgage repayments and utility bills. Trump has suspended loan repayments by students for the foreseeable future, and introduced federal sick-pay from day-one in a country where there is no sick-pay whatsoever in 37 of the 50 states. There are lockdowns, deep-cleans and social distancing requirements across every continent and in every country – except the UK! The lives of millions are at risk.

Our response to the pandemic has to be neighbourhood and workplace mutual support. Ensuring workplaces are clean and safe and when we are infected we remain cared for and financially solvent. Checking on our neighbours, offering additional support and concern for the elderly and disabled, and changing our own behaviours to avoid spreading the germs.

Such human empathy and shared support will have to be matched by political organisation to voice outrage against this vicious, lying, far-right and inhuman UK government. With mass protest banned in amongst all mass gatherings, the potential for a silencing of all reason and fact is very possible. We have to use new methods of social networking and distance communication to beat the virus, and as importantly beat this far-right ideological assault, both aimed at liquidating our freedom and prosperity.

Speak out against the culling of the herd.

Thanks to Steve Bell and The Guardian for the cartoon.

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